The Paleo diet refers to the diet consumed by our ancestors starting some 2.5 million years ago and ending with the start tithe agricultural revolution about 10.000 years ago. During this Paleolithic era, humans lived irt small tribes and hunted and gathered their food.

Although there were variations depending on location, environment and c:b.mate. research shows that these diverse primitive diets consisted mostly of small and large game, fish, vegetables, tubers, fruits, and nuts. Lacking were the grains and legumes, not to mention refined sugars and oils we see in modem diets.

With the invention of agriculture, communities were able to start producing larger volumes of food, treading to the industrial revolution and the exploration of refined oils and sugar production. Along with the influx of these highly Wined foods came the onslaught of diseases of the Modern Age' such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Today, these diseases are affluent in all Western communities and have become an accepted part of life as we age.

In the Paleolithic era, food was a necessity and research demonstrates that we did not always have enough of it. In the present day, what to cook for dinner is one of the most troubling and confusing questions, with an infinite number of answers provided by professionals, online sources, books and nutritional bodies With unlimited access to processed and refined foods it has become difficult for many people to question the modem nutritional guidelines, avoid the constant marketing of products and instead get back to basic real-food from small, sustainable community sources.

Contrary to popular belief that early humans lived brutal and dangerous lives with short life expectancies, OUT early relatives were in fact lean, fit and strong with similar aerobic fitness. body composition and blood pressure values to modern-day trained athletes. Life expectancy values that are commonly used to debate this way of life are in fact skewed by infant mortality rates and early death caused by trauma and injury instead of illness and disease.

By creating a revolution towards real-food education and community driven illness prevention, we can redefine what it is to be a human in the modern world. With access to both nourishing and healthful foods as well as conventional medical research you can he a lean, physically fit and powerful human being with a zest for life that will extend into old age.

In summary, the Paleo diet is about eating the foods that we are genetically designed to eat and have made up our natural diets for over 2 million years, and avoiding processed and refined foods that have been introduced much more recently. In general, this way of eating avoids processed foods, refined sugar, dairy products, grains and refined oils. Instead, we pile our plates high with good quality meat, poultry and seafood, lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, eggs and high quality saturated fats like coconut oil.


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